Back in the Summer of 2021, I had the opportunity to work on Target's Back to School digital experience for the Kids' Apparel team. As this bright and energetic campaign crosses multiple channels and multiple categories, I was tasked to determine how the colors and design elements from the campaign should be applied to the Kids' Apparel pages ensuring that it tied back to the larger campaign while also balancing the other priorities we had on our pages at the time. With multiple designers working on the pages, it was important to be able to provide them with a high-level direction before they began executing the work. 

In addition to owning how the style guide would be applied across the Kids' Apparel pages, I was also able to own from concept to creation the Back to School Outfits experience. For this I picked up existing photography and made unique tiles for each look, applying the global style guide while–along with copy–creating an elevated digital experience for Kids' BTS outfits. 
Back to School Outfits
Back to School Outfits Internal Driver
High-level Concepts & Final Execution 
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ACD: Hannah Jensen
AD: Amanda Elseng
Copy Writer: Jahna Peloquin
Design Lead: Deborah Turney 
Designers: Christina Chen & Maddy Lykken