I spent many years in Minneapolis, MN where I used to live next to this late-night coffee house, Caffetto's. It had a unique punk-grunge feel and I often staked out there with my labtop or sketch book at all hours of the day and night. After moving to Saint Paul and missing my old haunt, I wondered what a place like Caffetto's could look like in my new area. 
Moth Light is an identity for a fictional boutique coffee company with a few locations scatter in Saint Paul, MN. It's moody brand and atmosphere is meant to cater to a younger working demographic who often relies on a strong brew to fuel their day and enjoys a small nightcap or craft brew after a late show. 

The moth and its ever draw to the light bulb late at night is a visual I think most can clearly picture. I wanted a symbol that hinted at this chase. For me its always evoked a kind of quiet sadness and mad determination. It made sense to use this as a late-night coffee house's logo as it would be a light in the night to draw those still out to it. 
I also wanted something illustrative as it could then easily become more than just a logo but a little bit of a work of art – something you'd actually want to wear or carry about. 
Coffee cups, bags & cans for Moth Light cold brew

Moth Light swag